Care for your Garden

We have created our Gardens so that almost anyone can take care of them. Because of this unique design, we have found that plants love living alongside each other in an Earth Garden rather than being alone (a little like us humans). This means that your plants are working together to thrive even when you aren’t watching them.

To keep your Earth Garden happy, there are a few simple rules to follow:

Water: Keep your Garden company during the week, and then on Sunday morning take it out for a drink (not that kind of drink!). Pour a little water on the roots of each plant, then spritz or mist some water on the leaves… it’s as simple as that! Just make sure you don’t overwater because this can kill your plant.

Food: Even plants get hungry sometimes! On the first Sunday of each month add some plant food or fertilizer to the water you give the Garden.

Light: Plants need a little bit of light to flourish, so make sure that your Garden gets adequate indirect light. Direct sun will burn the leaves, so we recommend finding a light-filled space where your Garden can enjoy ambient sunlight. A good tip is to turn your garden regularly, so that all sides get some sunbathing time!

Problems: A common problem that you might encounter is the discolouration of leaves. If your plants have turned a little yellow it means that they are getting too much water. If they turn brown, your plant might need a haircut! Trim off the dead leaves and give your Garden a little more water on your weekly watering day.

How to order a greener gift?

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Earth Gardens… a living gift!